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Lana Turner in The Bob Hope Chevy Show – 10 March 1957

Hi everybody,
At the 10th of March 1957 Lana Turner was the guest at The Bob Hope Chevy Show.
A variety program hosted by Bob Hope. Bubbly guests and skits make this show a delight. 
This was one of Lana’s best yet TV apearances.
She did a skit called “Playhouse 180” (a play on the popular Playhouse 90 drama series) with Bob Hope and Wally Cox.
Lana played a woman whose long-lost husband (Bob) returns on the very day she has married another man (Wally).
Here is the video:


At the end of the show she also did another routine with Bob.
She sang (not dubbed) and danced a funny number about what a star like her demands for a television appearance, including Clare Booth Luce to write the script and Fred Astaire instead of Bob as her dancing partner.
One joke:
“How did you happen to pick my show for your first TV appearance?” Bob asks.
I called up your last two guest stars, Ginger Rogers and Betty Grable, and I asked them about you.”
“And what did they say?”
“What’s the difference? I’m here anyway!”
And here is the video:

Lana Turner and Bob Hope sing and dance Lana Turner and Bob Hope sing and dance


Poster Lana Turner - Bob Hope Chevy Show - 10 March 1957Network: NBC
Date: 10 March 1957, Sunday 9-10 pm
Running Time: 59 min.
Color: Black and White
Genre: Comedy/Variety

Jack Hope … Producer
Jack Shea … Director
Charles Lee, Bill Larkin, Mort Lachman, Lester White, John Rapp … Writer
Jack Baker … Choreographer
Bob Hope … Host
Charley Cooley, Jack Pepper, Sunny Boyne, Duke Johnson, Hy Averback … Cast
Jenkins, Gordon, and His Orchestra … Music Group
Lana Turner … Special Guest, Rosemary Clooney … Singer, Guest, Wally Cox … Guest

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