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Lana Turner in The Mercury Wonder Show – 1943

Hi everybody,
In 1943 Lana Turner made a guest appearance in the Mercury Wonder Show from Orson Welles.
The Mercury Wonder Show for Service Men was a 1943 magic-and-variety stage show by the Mercury Theatre, produced by Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten as a morale-boosting entertainment for US soldiers in World War II.
Directed by Welles, the show starred Welles (“Orson the Magnificent”), Cotten (“Jo-Jo the Great”), Agnes Moorehead (“Calliope Aggie”) and Rita Hayworth, whose part was later filled by Marlene Dietrich.
Jean Gabin also worked on the show backstage, as a propman. The show ran to 150 minutes.

Orson Welles - The Mercury Wonder Show - 1943
Orson Welles – The Mercury Wonder Show – 1943

And here is the radio broadcast with Lana Turner in it: