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Lana Turner in “Honky Tonk” – Radio Broadcast – 8 April 1941

Hi everybody, 
Today I tell you a bit more about the “Honky Tonk” radio broadcast, which was aired at the 8th of April 1941 by CBS.
The adventures of “Candy,” a fast man with a deck of cards, a six-gun, and the judge’s daughter.
Honky Tonk” is a colorful and exciting drama which was a Metro Goldwyn Meyer western thriller film.
It is the fast moving saga of a gentleman gambler quick on the trigger reckless both at love and dice, and a woman whose loyalty and deep devotion follow him to the dramatic climax of his dangerous career.

Produced by: William Keighley
Screenwriters: Marguerite Roberts and John Sanford.
Cast: Leo Cleary, Nina Foch, Alexander Gerry, John Hodiak, Edwin Max, Tyler McVey, Dorothy Scott, Brooke Temple, Lana Turner, Paula Winslove.

John Hodiak plays Candy Johnson and Lana Turner plays Elizabeth Cotton.
Here are fantastic photos and the radio broadcast. Enjoy! 😀


Sources:  Old Time Radio and Lou Valentino

8 April 1941: Honky Tonk – CBS
29 March 1943: Crossroads – Lux Radio Theatre
17 June 1946: Marriage Is A Private Affair – Screen Guild Theater
13 March 1947: Radio Broadcast about the Academy Awards Ceremony
1948: MGM presents Lana Turner