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Robert Osborne interviews Lana Turner – 6-10 Oct. 1982

Hi everybody,
36 Years ago Robert Osborne interviewed Lana Turner.
Robert Osborne was an American actor, film historian, television presenter, and author, best known for more than twenty years as the primary host of the cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Prior to TCM, Osborne had been a host on The Movie Channel, and, earlier, a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter. Osborne also wrote the official history of the Academy Awards, originally published in 1988, and most recently revised in 2013.
Here is the interview:

Gary Collins and Joan Rivers interview Lana Turner – 27 and 28 Sept. 1982

Hi everybody,
Today we show you 2 interviews with Lana Turner.
The first ons is from “Hour Magazine.” “Hour Magazine” was an award-winning syndicated daytime talk show hosted by Gary Collins, featuring a variety of celebrity guests, current affairs, cooking and popular culture.
Collins hosted the talk show “Hour Magazine” from 1980 to 1988 and interviewed Lana Turner at the 27th of Sept. 1982.
Here is the video:

Gary Collins asked: “How would you like people to remember you after your biography book?”
Lana Turner: “I would like them to know, somewhere in their hearts, that a woman lived, loved and came through. A great deal of happiness, sorrow, but ended up on her feet. With God guiding her.”

The second one is Joan Rivers interviewing Lana Turner on “The Tonight Show” at the 28th of Sept. 1982.
“The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson is an American talk show hosted by Johnny Carson from 1 Oct.1962 through 22 May 1992.
Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” established the modern format of the late-night talk show: a monologue sprinkled with a rapid-fire series of 16 to 22 one-liners (Carson had a rule of no more than three on the same subject) was followed by sketch comedy, then moving on to guest interviews and performances by musicians and stand-up comedians.
Joan Rivers was a guest host on “The Tonight Show.”
Here is the video: