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Lana Turner – Photoshoot in Paris – 1953

In 1953 Lana Turner went to Europe. To take advantage of the tax benefits of working in Europe for 18 months, filming across the Atlantic became extremely attractive to Hollywood filmmakers and actors beginning in the late ’40s. At the end  of her marriage to Bob Topping, Lana’s finances were so drained she joined the exodus and agreed to make a film in Italy. If taking off to work abroad wasn’t enough of a shock to Lana’s fans, her new haircut and dye job floored them.
Every woman in the mid ’50s wished they could pull off the closely cropped “Italian look” of Gina Lollobrigida. A few were brave enough to try and Lana was one of them.  The public wasn’t too fond of her new look. She just didn’t look like herself as a brunette. But then, being unrecognisable was part of the fun for her. With the new haircut, she discovered a sense of freedom. She said: “I could go into shops and walk along the streets and have a ball and nobody knew me.”
Lana went to Italy to film “Flame And The Flesh” and after that she went to Holland to film “Betrayed.”
When Lana looked back on this entire period later on she tought is was a mistake. Mistakes in career choices, in men, and in the fights she had with her mother and her daughter. Upon completion of “Betrayed”, she decided to abandon her plan to continue working abroad and come home to the USA again.

I am happy though she made those 2 films. They are different from her other ones, but quite special I think. I agree about her hair though. Although she looks beautiful with her hair in the brown colour, the blonde look is more spectacular. 😀

In 1953, when she was in Europe, she went to Paris, France for a photoshoot in the Louvre museum. Here are some fantastic photos from that photoshoot. Thanks again Lou Valentino for the photos! 😀

Lana Turner - Paris - 1953 - Photo by Archive Photos - Getty Images La Victoire de Samothrace

Lana Turner sits on the Daru staircase in the Louvre, Paris, France. The sculpture behind her is “Winged Victory of Samothrace” (“La Victoire de Samothrace”), a marble statue dating from the second century BC that depicts the Greek goddess Nike (Victory).
(Lana Turner – Paris – 1953 – Photo by Archive Photos – Getty Images)